Kate and Joe’s Engagement


images by AMBER MILLER

Amber has known Kate and Joe for several years now, so she was so happy about their recent engagement and to hear that they wanted her to be a part of their special day . Kate and Joe are high school sweethearts, and they had the perfect idea to take engagement photos a the very place they met. Congratulations Kate and Joe, we can’t wait to photograph your Nixon Library wedding in August!

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Grandma & Grandpa Hines says:

Kate & Joe,
Your pictures are so good. Amber did a fantastic job.
We love both of you and look forward to the wedding.
Grandma & Grandpa

Beautiful! Love you both very much!

So, so beautiful. We love you both so much and are so glad to have Joe (and his family) REALLY be a part of ours.

Uncle Bill & Aunt Sherri

Dear Ones,
What lovely, sweet pictures of two loving people. Amber did a wonderful job catching you both in such a memorable background. I am so looking forward to your wedding day.
With my love,
Granma “P”

miachelle andrade says:

I made WAY too much noise looking at these shots! I wish Amber was around when I got engaged. You are truly a beautiful couple (inside and out).

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